INTACS are micro-thin prescription inserts designed to offer crisp, clear, maintenance-free vision.

INTACS are made of a special, clear, biocompatible plastic that has been safely used in contact lenses and cataract surgery for over 50 years.

Intacs gently reshape the curvature of the cornea to correct mild nearsightedness.

Imagine a tent with a curved top, a shape similar to the curve of your cornea.

If the sides of the tent are pushed out, the top flattens slightly.

Placing INTACS in the periphery of the cornea flattens the center just enough to allow light rays entering your eye to focus properly.

The procedure for placement of INTACS is quick, simple and virtually painless:

Your eye is completely numbed using &quote;eye drop&quote; anesthesia, and an eyelid holder is placed between your eyelids to prevent you from blinking.

Step 1: A single, small opening is made in the cornea.

Step 2: The eye is prepared for placement of INTACS. Two tiny semicircular tunnels are made in the cornea. The INTACS will be placed in these tunnels. The cornea has several layers in it, like a pad of paper. Making a place for the INTACS is like separating two pages just enough to create a space.

Step 3: The Intacs inserts are placed and the opening is closed.

Visual Results with INTACS are excellent.

In U.S. clinical studies, 74% of people with INTACS saw 20/20 or better:

Intacs are also unique among methods of vision correction, because they are removable, and if your vision changes over time, they are replaceable.

Not everyone qualifies for Intacs, but if you do, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from choosing the only potentially reversible refractive surgery procedure!